How Sedation Dentistry Can Calm Your Dental Anxiety

Do you dread visits to the dentist due to anxiety? You’re not alone. At Indigo Dental, we understand this fear and have a solution for you – sedation dentistry. Let's dive into how it can help alleviate your dental anxiety.

Understanding Dental Anxiety And Its Impact

Dental anxiety is a common phenomenon affecting many people. It can stem from various factors such as past traumatic experiences, fear of pain, or even the sound of dental tools. This fear can keep people from seeking necessary dental care, which can lead to neglected oral health and potential complications. At Indigo Dental, we believe in prioritizing your comfort, and sedation dentistry is a tool we use to achieve this.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves the use of medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. Patients are usually awake, except for those under general anesthesia. The type of sedation used depends on the severity of the patient's dental anxiety and the nature of the dental procedure.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry offers numerous benefits. For starters, it can help alleviate dental anxiety, making your visit to the dentist more comfortable and less stressful. It's also beneficial for patients who have a low pain threshold, can't sit still in the dentist's chair, have sensitive teeth, or need a large amount of dental work completed. Sedation can even help with gag reflex control. Plus, it often feels like the procedure lasts only a few minutes when in reality, it might have taken hours.

Types Of Sedation Used In Dentistry

  • Nitrous Oxide: Commonly known as laughing gas, this is a mild form of sedation where the patient inhales the gas through a mask. It feels relaxing but the patient remains conscious and can respond to instructions.
  • Oral Sedatives: These are pills taken about an hour before the dental procedure. Even though it is a stronger sedative than laughing gas, the patient will still be awake but in a relaxed state.
  • IV Sedation: Administered through a vein, this allows the dentist to continually adjust the level of sedation. It works more quickly and is used for moderate to deep sedation.
  • General Anesthesia: This is used for extensive procedures and puts the patient in a deep sleep state. They cannot be easily awakened until the effects wear off or are reversed with medication.

Safety and Effectiveness of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is both safe and effective when administered by trained professionals like Dr. Meagan Crosland and Dr. Michael Crosland at Indigo Dental. They carefully monitor their patients throughout the procedure to ensure their safety. 

Overcome Your Dental Anxiety with Indigo Dental

At Indigo Dental, we're committed to providing a comfortable and anxiety-free dental experience. Dr. Meagan Crosland and Dr. Michael Crosland are experienced in administering sedation dentistry in Mauldin and are dedicated to ensuring your dental visit is as relaxing as possible. If dental anxiety has been keeping you from achieving your best oral health, it's time to take a step towards overcoming it. Give us a call today at (864) 565-8684 to request an appointment and discover how sedation dentistry can transform your dental experience.

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